Reimagining Andrew Marvell: The poet at 400

6-8 May 2021

The Eighth Annual School of English Colloquium at St Andrews (rescheduled from 7-9 May 2020 due to Covid-19)

A British Academy Conference 2021

In partnership with the Folger Institute at the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Society for Renaissance Studies

This colloquium will be presented via Microsoft Teams. Meeting information, including a direct link to the meeting, will be provided closer to the event. For more information, please email the principal convener, Dr Matthew Augustine, at


2.00–4.00 pm (BST) Panel I: Writing History

Nicholas McDowell (University of Exeter), ‘The Temptation of Andrew Marvell’

James Loxley (University of Edinburgh), ‘Be Here Now: Tense and Time in Marvell’s Commonwealth Poems’

Kathleen Lynch (Folger Institute), ‘Business Either of Truth or Eternity: Marvell’s View from 1672’

4.30–6.00 pm (BST) Inaugural Lecture

David Norbrook (University of Oxford), ‘Andrew Marvell at 400, Lucy Hutchinson at 401: Parallel Lives?’


12.00–2.00 pm (BST) Panel II: Polyglot Poetics

Victoria Moul (King’s College London), ‘Marvell and Bilingual Verse Culture’

Giulio Pertile (University of St Andrews), ‘Marvell and the Creation’

Nicholas von Maltzahn (University of Ottawa), ‘Marvell and the Abrupt Style’

2.30–4.30 pm (BST) Panel III: Praise and Blame

Steven N. Zwicker (Washington University, St Louis), ‘Let Us Now Praise Famous Men: Marvell and the Problem of Panegyric’

Esther van Raamsdonk (Queen Mary University of London), ‘Maritime Mirrors: Littoral Rhetoric in Marvell’s Dutch Satires’

David Carroll Simon (University of Maryland), ‘The Avoidance of Laughter’

5.00–6.30 pm (BST) Panel IV: Mediation and Transmission 1

Joanna Picciotto (University of California, Berkeley), ‘Poetry in the Age of Mass Media: Marvell and Ashbery’

Matthew C. Augustine (University of St Andrews), ‘Learning to Read with Marvell’


12.00–1.30 pm (BST) Panel V: Mediation and Transmission 2

Martin Dzelzainis (University of Leicester), ‘Marvell’s Poetry in Motion’

Diane Purkiss (University of Oxford), ‘Marvell, Manuscript, and the Skin-Ego’

2.00–4.00 pm (BST) Panel VI: Affect, Cognition, and the Body

Tessie Prakas (Scripps College), ‘Marvell’s Embodied Spirituality’

N. K. Sugimura (University of Oxford), ‘Suspended Sensations and Alienated Affect’

Gordon Teskey (Harvard University), ‘The River Overflows: Marvell and Consciousness’

4.30–6.00 pm (BST) Closing Lecture

Nigel Smith (Princeton University), ‘Hold or Break: Andrew Marvell, Poetry, and Necessity’